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Dear Gentlemen!

The company "Advanced Welding Technology" is primarily a welding company. The company "Advanced Welding Technology" is a team of highly skilled welding experts and machinists. Our staff members have years of experience and certifications.  We have a wide range of skills and services. Our welders  have years of experience We specialize in structural welding, welding:  carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, zinc, magnesium. Just to name a few of our products & services, we manufacture  heavy equipment repair, special fabrication, welding and other repairs.

The company "Advanced Welding Technology"provides the best quality welding and repair in the Tomsk Western Siberia area. Our workmanship is impeccable and we adhere to our time and budget estimations. We focus on complete customer satisfaction.  We serve small companies and individuals as well as large companies. We are small enough for your small personal jobs and big enough that we are not afraid to tackle your large jobs as well.

Home Company mission: enhance business performance of our clients. Our goal – to build an international enterprise,  by creating quality products.

 Dear Gentlemen!

We hope that you will be interested to learn more about our possibilities and, in the future, to hold talks on the possibility to organize a joint venture.


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